Like Submarine is


1. Onsite & offsite SEO 

2. 30 Landing pages

3. 100+ SEO focused blogs

4. Keyword growth hacking

5. Multiple 1st page ranking

Digital campaigns

1. Google Adwords PPC

2. Facebook Ads PPC

3. Youtube Video Campaigns

4. LinkedIn Marketing

content marketing

1. Content Development

2. Amazon products/books

3. Sharing of developed content

4. Conversion from content use

Reviews marketing

1. Management of negative reviews

2. Solutions for increasing reviews

3. Optimization of review gathering

4. Listings on multiple ranking directories 

Website development

1. Content writing

2. Branding and design

3. Build up to 50 pages

4. AI & App Integration

5. SEO Optimization

Social Media marketing

1. Facebook/Twitter Marketing

2. Instagram Automation/Ads

3. Youtube Marketing

4. Influencer & Blogger Outreach


our programs

View our comprehensive marketing efforts. Companies are welcome to work with us monthly or have us train their teams.


website devo

  • Content Writing
  • 50 SEO Landing Pages
  • 30 City Pages
  • Design & Branding
  • App Integration
  • SEO Optimization
  • 10 Content Pages


Per month

  • SEO Offsite/Onsite
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • Content Development
  • Social Media & PR
  • Lead Generation
  • Blog Posts


Per month

  • 50 Page Marketing Plan
  • Hire & Train Team Members
  • 12 Month SEO Strategy
  • 1 Month of Strategy Optimization
  • Great for Increasing ROI

Reviews marketing

1. Management of negative reviews

2. Solutions for increasing reviews

3. Optimization of review gathering

4. Listings on multiple ranking directories 

video campaigns

1. 5 HD Videos 

2. 20 Animated Videos

3. Narration of videos as needed

4. Development of video concepts for conversion, education, and training use

Email Marketing

1. Lead generation

2. Relationship development

3. Informative email campaigns

4. Conversion optimization

press management

1.10 PR Releases

2. Reputation Management

3. PR Outreach

4. Establishment on TV, large blogs, social sites, and forums

Learn more about us

How much time will website development take?

We can build a flawless website with content and design in less than 5 days. Day 1 is our consult and research. Day 2 we focus on developing the right design for the project. Day 3 includes the main pages for the site. Day 4 includes the landing pages. Day 5 includes SEO optimization, blogs, and integrated apps.

How quickly can we expect an ROI?

Due to the low cost of our services; our clients receive an ROI between 2-3 weeks of working with us. For clients that focus on marketing only; we focus on deliverying an ROI within a few days of hiring us.

Do I need a seperate marketing team?

You can choose to have a marketing team beyond us. Having an in-house marketing team can reduce costs for some companies and we welcome that by offers a $500 marketing strategy plan.

Do you work with larger companies?

We take on larger projects that may need 2-6 months for development. For larger projects; we submit a design and marketing proposal prior to being hired to assure you that we are the right team for you.

How much time will I have to invest?

The last thing we want is for you to spend more time on marketing when you've just hired us. We limit the time you want to spend based on what your or your team is willing to spend. At minimum, we need 30 minutes or an email with links to examples and current data for us to interpret. We work straight ahead and make adjustments as needed to improve efficiency. Because we do our research, you wont find yourself correcting our information or having you provide your own copywrite.

We take on a select number of clients each month to ensure quality and creativity in our delivery.